Want Facebook fans? Open your wallet!

In order for social media marketing to be successful you first need people to like your brand's Facebook page. So how do you get more fans? Of course providing great content that potential fans would find interesting helps, but you want to know where the real answer lies? Paid advertising. Yep, Facebook is a publicly listed company now and they need to make money - your money. 

Setting up a Facebook ad is very easy to do. In fact they have recently simplified the process. Even with a limited advertising budget, ads on Facebook can make a noticeable difference in how many people see content related to your page (reach). Here's an example of one Facebook page that started an ad campaign for CHF 1.00 a day. There is a clear increase in weekly total reach and a slight increase in people talking about the posted content. If this page posted more consistently, the results could be even better.

My advice is to consider investing in advertising. Although it may not be the answer we are looking for, it's the key to having more brand visibility. 

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