8 Tips for Facebook Pages

Facebook is the most visited website on the plant and the number one social media site. If your business can't be found there, you are quickly becoming irrelevant - especially to 20- to 30-year-olds. But before you start promoting your business on Facebook (or if you already are), consider these tips to improve your efforts.

1. Know why you are on Facebook. It's not just to start a page and leave it. Consider what your customers want to see and hear from you and post it. It's more than just cute pictures of baby animals...

2. Answer comments. Part of being on Facebook is to give your customers a chance to engage with you. Respond to their comments and complaints

3. Provide value. This goes for content as well as special offers. Post information that your customers will find interesting and helpful. Increase value by offering monthly discounts or refer a friend offers.

4. Cross promote. This has two levels. One is to cross promote your own channels. When you post something on your website/blog, share that on social media sites to refer users back to your website. Mention you are on Facebook on all your printed material as well. The second level to cross promoting is to partner with other brands that are relevant to your services. By sharing or commenting on their content you get exposure to their network as well as your own.

5. Use tools. Facebook has built in tools like Insights and timing posts, but there are also hundreds of third-party tools to help you out. 

6. Mobilize. Mobile phones are the device of choice for many surfing Facebook. Thankfully Facebook helps optimize pages for mobile phones, but still consider how content will appear on a smaller screen. That includes how much text you write and image size.

7.  Check-in to word of mouth. If your business has a physical location like a shop or a gym, encourage fans to "check-in" on Facebook when they visit your business. 

8. Stay current with social media. This could be by hiring a social media manager, getting training or sign-up for Set Sails's newsletter

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