Featured Client: Love Silence

Love Silence. The name says it all really. It's about relaxing into the now through group and private meditation with Mahima. The offer events and even couple sessions. I attended a group session that was intended to open up our creativity. It was a great mental exercise in focusing and imaging what you want.

If you have a social or hobby group that meets on a regular basis and are looking for a motivating, inspiring, fun or bonding experience, Love Silence is great for bringing this kind of energy to the group.

When Mahima, the owner of Love Silence, decided to do a rebranding, I was fortunate enough to be part of the website content writing process. Your online marketing strategy is only as strong as your website and Mahima certainly knows that!

Recent presentations: Powerhouse & MILK Copenhagen

In January I had the pleasure of giving two social media presentations in the same week. Once with Rebecca from Five Brand Communication for The Powerhouse and the second on my own to the sales reps at MILK Copenhagen. It was an action packed week of social media marketing madness!

If you have a group that you'd like me organize a presentation for, contact me for a quote.

What we talked about at The Powerhouse.
Rebecca and I getting warmed up.
Libby introducing us.
Rebecca talking about branding.
I HAD to take a picture to post on my social media sites! 
Explaining the 70-20-10 rule of social media. If you don't know it, contact me and I'll explain. :-)
Preparing to present to MILK Copenhagen.

BBC Capital Feature: Take the scary out of networking

So happy to have contributed once again to one of Liz Garone's BBC Capital articles! This time it's about networking.

Take the scary out of networking
Here's my two bits:

Many people make the mistake of thinking that there are “natural networkers,” or those people to whom it comes easily, said Ashley Ringger, managing director of Switzerland-based Set Sails Social Media, in an email. “However, good networking is more a skill to be learned than to be born with,” she said. “Once you get started, it becomes easier as you develop your own approach and grow your circle. Not only will you increase your contact base, but soon you will become a resource to connect others.”
Give yourself a goal, suggested Ringger. For example, at every professional event you attend, don’t allow yourself to leave until you’ve met at least three people and have exchanged business cards with them. And don’t stop there.
“Plenty of networking takes place online through social media,” said Ringger. After you get home, find the new contacts you have made on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Xing and connect with them there. “When possible, include a personal message about where and when you met, thank them for the information they shared, and express your interest in remaining connected with them. If they have their own business, ‘like’ or follow it on appropriate social media platforms. “Showing your support of their endeavours gives them a reason to support yours,” she said.

Fourth course with Curious Courses

This last quarter I had the pleasure of offering my FOURTH social media training course with Curious Courses. I really enjoyed spending the whole day with some very bright business women while chatting about social media. We covered a lot and learned so much from each other along the way. Thank you to all who came!

Oh and keep your calendar clear on September 19, 2015. That's Curious Courses DAY!

Pictures courtesy of Curious Courses.

Speaking the language of your audience

Finding an authentic voice that your audience can relate to can be hard. Here are four questions to ask yourself before you put pen to paper - or rather finger tips to keyboard. :-)

  1. What are the basic demographics of your audience? Knowing the basics of who they are can answer a lot of questions and make things clearer.
  2. Does your audience have a persona and what is it? Now that you have an idea of who they basically are, take it a step further and think about what their personalities are like.
  3. How does your audience consume information? Consider which social media platforms, which devices and what other kinds of off-line platforms your audience may be using. 
  4. How does your audience talk? Thinking about how to sound like they do means they can relate to your brand better. 
  5. Why does your audience care? Give them a reason to care about your brand and make it interesting to them.
  6. What connects them? It could be that they share info with one another or enjoy emotionally inspiring content. 

Training with Curious Courses just announced!

Just like the last three times that I've given a course with Curious Courses, I am super excited to be doing it a fourth time and allllll dddaaaayyyyy lllooooonnngggg. There's so much to cover! If you want to have a great time increasing your social media marketing knowledge, I dare you to sign-up. 

Follow the link to get your spot before they're gone!

Featured Client: Labas Results

Through Set Sails I get to do a lot of cool things and meet a lot of great people. labas results, a gym near Zurich, offered me four personal training sessions with coach and owner of the gym, Stefan Labas. He's like the trainer when it comes to this stuff. I have to say that my first PT sessions were totally different than anything I had expected.

Session One: The Plan and Assessment
Ya gotta find out where you stand and assess where you wanna go. We took measurements of my body, fat, muscle mass, heart rate and recovery ability. We talked about what it was that I expected to get from these sessions. As Stefan is a coach and not just a trainer, he also assesses the more mental side of health. Like how work and life stress might be affecting me and how that plays a role in what type of workout I do. We didn't go into this too much, but we did assess my flexibility and Stefan used his Chinese Medicine training to check some points on my back and feet. OMG! The outside part of my left foot hurt sooooooo bad when he touched it! He gave it a few gos and it still killed every time. What he told me later was very consistent with three other holistic assessments I have had in the last year by other practitioners. It was my gallbladder. Something is upsetting my gallbladder. In my opinion it's more a stress response than that something is wrong with the function of the organ. Still something to keep an eye on.

Session Two: The Results and Stopping Burnout
Now we really start getting into the meat of the workout. We first went over my health assessment results. Stefan cross-checked two of the tests to be sure of accuracy. You'll be glad to know that I am fairly fit and lean, however, I don't recover well from working out or exertion. Basically my heart rate is great (better than average even), but when it comes to working out and cooling down, it takes my heart longer to chill out even after my breathing returns to normal. I had never even thought about this part of working out! This doesn't mean that I am broken or can't workout, but it does mean that I have to be careful about how hard and what kinds of workout and how often I do. If I don't teach my body how to properly recover, I run the risk of burnout - either through exercise or from just normal everyday life.

With this in mind, Stefan took my results and then mixed in my goals to create a perfect PT experience that was a workout, but not too much. In fact it was even meant to help my body learn to recover. Of course this takes time, but he helped get me on the right track. My first workout was just 30 minutes with some interval training - some minutes walking, some running, some walking, some running. Then we did some balance and strength training before a quick stretch. It felt great! I liked learning about how I can be treating my body better.

Session Three: Why People Do PT
This time I wore a heart rate monitor to check if I changed/recovered any better from working out. First we relaxed a bit so we were sure to be starting from a good resting rate. Stefan had me do the run-walk interval training again followed by bench presses. He talked me through how it feels and how I should position myself better and which muscles I should focus on. I found this really helpful to be sure I was doing the exercise right and getting the right muscles involved. During the recovery part of the training, Stefan checked my pressure points again and helped with stretching.

This is when I got hooked. PT is wwaaayyyyy more than I thought it was - at least at labas results! I thought it was going to be more like boot camp with someone yelling at me to do more, more, MORE! But after my first three sessions with Stefan, I can easily see why someone would want to do this on a weekly basis. There is a lot you can learn about your body and a lot you can learn to do differently to support you body. It's like maintenance for your car!

Session Four: Comfy With the Routine
I was sad that this was my last session, but knew it would someday be back from more. By this time I knew the drill that Stefan had outlined for me and felt more in tune with how the training was to go. I got even more outta it as I knew what to be looking for and focusing on. I can't believe how much different it is to have someone guide you through a workout and help you recover at the end. It was more relaxing and rewarding than most workouts I have ever done!

My advice to anyone considering personal training is to do it and do it with someone who you can connect with. It's a very one-to-one experience and your trainer has to have all the skills needed to give you the best workout of your life. PT is way more than just pushing yourself to the limit. It really is about personal training.