Social media marketing in just 30 minutes

I know how it is. At the start of the work day you have every intention to finally catch-up on your social media marketing. Somehow, as the day goes on, you do manage to schedule new clients, prepare invoices and write a presentation, but ... where did the time for social media go?! Well let me ask you, do you have 30 minutes a day to spare? That's all it takes to have a good, strong social media presence.

Don't waste another minute and start following these tips on the infographic below:
  • 10 minutes on Twitter to respond, schedule and share
  • 6 minutes on Facebook to like and share
  • 6 minutes on LinkedIn to promote, comment and question
  • 4 minutes on Pinterest to pin and interact
  • 2 minutes on GooglePlus to share and converse
  • 2 minutes on Instagram to share visual content

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