How to NOT feel overwhelmed by social media

Managing your social media doesn't have to be an impossible task. There are several ways to manage your time efficiently. Entrepreneur recently published 12 experts' opinions about how to manage your social media marketing without feeling buried by the task. Here is what they had to say:

  • Don't leave your social-media time management to chance.
  • Use scheduling tools.
  • ....You could also use Tweetdeck or Sproutsocial, or hire a social media marketing manager.
  • You may need to come to terms with the fact that A) You can't and don't have to be everywhere and B) If you aren't naturally able to engage, converse and create content, someone else might need to handle your social efforts.
  • Have a strategy.
  • Pick one social outlet that best serves your brand
  • Post the same "tweet" more than once.
  • Post/blog/tweet/pin/update when the mood strikes you.
  • Be human.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Don't force it. 
  • Curate other great content, and offer up your personality.
For more explanation, read the original article

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