90% of customers recommend brands after social media interaction

That's a huge majority of customers! A stat like this clearly demonstrates the power of social media in marketing and advertising. Further more, the study found that four our of five consumers would be more inclined to buy a brand more after being exposed to the brand's social media, with 83% happy to trail the service or product of the brand. 

Ian Ralph, the director at marketing sciences who conducted the research, adds, “Our research shows that to create an emotional connection brands really need to provide clear, timely and, most important of all, relevant content that develop a conversation. Interestingly, we also found that brands really shouldn’t be afraid about having their products on show and of linking up their social media activities to their business objectives. Social media has the potential to turn brand customers into brand fans. By making people love, not just like your brand, you’re more likely to drive future purchases and increase sales.”
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