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At some point in our lives we have each found ourself in a place new. In 2009 I was new in Zurich and learning how to find my way around the city. One resource I often used then and still use to this day is NewInZurich.com.

NewInZurich.com is here to provide those who are new to Zurich with information about life in Switzerland and what's going on in Zurich. They offer regular and personalized talks about living in Switzerland's largest city. While it can be hard moving to some place new, NewInZurich.com will help make the transition easier and take the guesswork out of your new culture.

I think what I like most about NewInZurich.com is the seemingly unlimited variety of information regularly shared via the website and Facebook page. For NewInZurich.com it's not just about providing practical information when you first arrive in Zurich, but also about giving you a source of up-to-date info about the city after you've settled in. The picturesque landscapes they capture from all around Zurich remind me of the beautiful city we live in. If there is a large, city-wide event going on, NewInZurich.com will certainly let you know about it. NewInZurich.com is also the place for hearing about smaller events like local festivals or sporting events.

If you, your coworkers or club want to know more about living in Zurich, NewInZurich.com will not only help you get settled, but also keep you informed. Contact Christina for more about what NewInZurich.com can do for you.

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