3 ways to make a good impression online (infographic)

Potential customers (and employers for that matter) don't just want to see that you are active online. They want to see that you are contributing something and are part of an online community. Ninety-percent of those surveyed say online interaction plays a huge role in their buying decision. Is your brand making the right impression online? Here are three ways to kick it up a notch.

1. Assess your reputation. Find out what people on blogs, social media and other websites are saying about your brand.

2. Monitor and address your reputation. Use Google Alerts for easy monitoring of terms related to your brand. If you find someone saying something negative about your brand, practice good customer service and follow-up with them. If it's an issue that can be fixed, take sets within your business to do so. 

3. Build and promote your reputation. Collect reviews and testimonials from happy customers. Shares these comments via your network.

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