Featured Client: Steinmann International Coaching, Development, Training

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Desirée Steinmann of Steinmann International on several occasions. Last year we worked together on some of her marketing goals. This year I had the pleasure of presenting to an outstanding group of entrepreneurial women who Desirée coaches: the VIP Team. I absolutely love the concept of the VIP Team. It is a series of workshops that future and current businesses owners take part in to develop their ambitions. As an executive coach, Desirée is perfect to guide these go-getters with creating their full business plan and understand what strengths they possess as business owners. I was asked to spend an afternoon with the spring 2013 VIP Team and share ideas about online marketing. I was impressed by the amount of information one can gain from being a VIP Team member - both from Desirée and from other members in the team.

If you are ready to get your business off the ground, I would wholeheartedly recommend contacting Desirée.

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