Speaking the language of your audience

Finding an authentic voice that your audience can relate to can be hard. Here are four questions to ask yourself before you put pen to paper - or rather finger tips to keyboard. :-)

  1. What are the basic demographics of your audience? Knowing the basics of who they are can answer a lot of questions and make things clearer.
  2. Does your audience have a persona and what is it? Now that you have an idea of who they basically are, take it a step further and think about what their personalities are like.
  3. How does your audience consume information? Consider which social media platforms, which devices and what other kinds of off-line platforms your audience may be using. 
  4. How does your audience talk? Thinking about how to sound like they do means they can relate to your brand better. 
  5. Why does your audience care? Give them a reason to care about your brand and make it interesting to them.
  6. What connects them? It could be that they share info with one another or enjoy emotionally inspiring content. 

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