What is Author rank? How does it works?

With the release of Google's hummingbird it now takes more than upcycled content and keyword stuffing to make your content post ready. Hummingbird wants quality and relevant content for search engine users. Today, one basic requirement to befriend the new Google’s algorithm update is to have the Author rank factor.
So how does Author rank relates to this?
As defined by Sam Applegate in What is Google Author rank, Google Authorship enables article writers to link their online content to their Google+ profile via rich snippets, which in turn enables Google to credit the authors with the content.
It basically means that when a blogger gains authorship, his/her content is recognized by Google as relevant and share-able so it does affect the SERP rank of the website. The main reason why everyone wants to acquire it.
So when you finally have your Google+ account connected to your blogs, what’s the next thing?
Let this gif infographic entitled The Author Rank Building Machine entertain and demonstrate how to work for your author rank.
Orignal post via Callbox.

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