Facebook vs. Google+: Who's winning?!

Maybe it's not so much about who is winning, but who is predicted to win in 2016. Here are the numbers as they stand. They're pretty convincing that Google+ is here to stay.


  • There are over 1.15 billion users
  • One million web pages are accessed using the "Login with Facebook" feature
  • 23% of users login at least five times a day
  • 47% of American say Facebook is their number one influencer of purchases
  • 70% of marketers used Facebook to gain new customers
  • There are over 1 billion with Google+ enabled accounts with just 359 million monthly active users
  • Google+ is growing steadily and fast at 33% per annum
  • Usage of 45 to 54 year olds have increased by 56% since 2012
This isn't to say that all your efforts should be shifted from Facebook to Google+, but it does clearly say that Google+ isn't to be ignored.

Thanks, Jeff for the stats!

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