Email market like a human, not a robot

Robots and computers do a lot of great stuff for us, but one thing they don't do very well is sound like a real human. Emotionless or prefabricated wording can make marketing messages sound boring and uninspiring. Get more from your audience my showing your brands personality through online marketing like social media and email marketing. Here are a few tips to get you started.
  1. Use your name when sending emails. Although you are emailing on behalf of your company, including your name before your company name can make mass emailing like newsletters more recognizable. Something like "Jim, Dunder Mifflin" works perfectly. 
  2. Smile for the camera and add a picture of yourself to your newsletters. Yes, your brand's logo does matter, but a face behind the logo matters even more when trying to relate to your customers.
  3. State your mind. Robots don't have opinions, but you do! When sending email marketing, share an insight, opinion or experience to give more depth to the topic.
  4. When I was a lad... Share the story of you and your brand. The passion you have for what you do creates a history and lets your audience know you are serious about your profession.
  5. Remember your manners when someone signs up for your newsletter. The confirmation page should have personality to it, thank them for signing up and give a great first impression of the news they will soon be receiving regularly. 
The good news is we are all human, so following these steps should just be part of our human nature. Should you discover that you haven't yet found your voice, let me know and we can schedule a strategy meeting.

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