Featured Client: Global People Transitions

Angela Weinberger, owner of Global People Transitions, has been a fantastic person to do business with. Not only have we worked together on some projects for her business, but we also both belong to the Powerhouse Collective.

I think what I like best about Angela's business is the variety of services, situations and clients she works with. This means I get to work on fun and interesting projects that I normally would never have a chance to encounter. Let me explain a bit more about Global People Transitions.

GPT provides advisory services, career coaching and intercultural training for expats and their spouses moving to Switzerland. If you are a corporation in search of special talent, Angela can help you with that! If you are a new expat to Switzerland, Angela can help you get adjusted. Even for people who are "trailing spouses" and are trying to find a new career in Switzerland, Angela offers coaching and several programs to get you on the fast-track to career success in your new country.

For more about Global People Transitions and all that Angela can help you with, please visit her website.

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