When is the best time to post on Facebook?

While there is abundant research about effective posting habits on Facebook, nothing beats knowing your audience. There are three things you should think about when planning your posts.
  1. Get to know your fans. Check your page's Insights to know the age, gender and location of your fans. Knowing which timezone they live in can be particularly insightful.
  2. Image what their day looks like. After looking at Insights, think about how your average fan spends their day. At home? At school? At work? Plan to post at times they are more likely available.
  3. Start posting and follow-up. Apply what you know and post at the times you've chosen. Check your success by looking at Insight statistics.
Keep in mind that Facebook has over 751 million active users. Of the 18- to 44-year-olds who are on Facebook, 80% check their accounts first thing in the morning. Eighty-six percent of users reach for their mobile device to access Facebook during meal times, when commuting and weekends. Because of so much activity during these times, posting can get quit competitive. You may want to consider posting at other times.

Ultimately you want to post with your audience in mind, but in general posting on Facebook is best:
  • In the early morning
  • Not during business hours (everyone's busy working)
  • Between work and dinner
  • Not after dinner (this is TV time)
  • Bed time
  • Not on the weekends (too much competition)

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