Using LinkedIn for Marketing

By Ashley Ringger-SSM
LinkedIn is the online B2B marketing tool. If you're not already using LinkedIn, here are some reasons why you should look into opening an account. If you are on LinkedIn, here are some reasons to better your marketing efforts.

1. Set-up and use your company page
This is like a personal profile for your business. You can add attractive banners with your company logo, post status updates, display slide presentation content, promote services and products and build an audience. 

2. Join groups
There are millions of groups on LinkedIn that you can be a part of. Finding groups that your customers participate in means finding a more direct line of communication to reach them. Choosing 2-3 groups join and converse in is enough to start.

3. Share meaningful content
Don't just post to post. Consider the value of what you are posting. Make sure it is relevant and interesting for your industry. Not only will people be more likely to click and read your content, but you will be seen as a valuable contributor to the online conversation. 

4. Encourage sharing and liking of your content
You want people to start a conversation from the content you post. Asking a questions or encouraging comments helps get things going. Once you do get a comment, replying it key!

5. Listen and participate
Just like you would do when joining a group conversation, listen to what others have to say and join in.

6. Set-up a LinkedIn group
 When you start your own group on LinkedIn you are not only establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry, but it also puts you in a position to moderate content and develop relationships within the group. But beware! Starting a group means you are in charge of it. That includes posting regularly, encouraging discussion and ensuring posts stay on topic. 

7. Ask for recommendations
You and your page have the recommendations features. This means you can ask people you have personally worked with or customers to leave remarks about their experience. Recommendations are great to increase your brand's credibility. 

8. Use LinkedIn services
There are many paid services that LinkedIn offers including premium profiles and ads. LinkedIn ads allows you to target people rather than just keywords - a feature not offered by Google. 

9. Monitor performance
Just like any activity in business, it's important to measure and set benchmarks. LinkedIn provides stats on the number of followers your company has, number of people joining groups, how often posts are shared or clicked, how many people visit your company page, and the click through to your website.

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